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A website to share information, knowledge and learning

The Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub is an initiative of Thrive/East Meets West’s Women-Led Output Based Aid (WOBA) projects funded by Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, under the Water for Women grant. Through the Knowledge Hub, we aim to strengthen knowledge and learning related to gender and socially inclusive WASH approaches in Cambodia and Vietnam.

The Knowledge Hub is the place  for WOBA’s partners come together to learn from one another in real time, develop a support network of change agents tackling similar issues, provide technical training, and document the lessons learned from change agents to disseminate to a wider audience.

The Knowledge Hub’s specific purposes are:

  • Developing a platform to share evidence, best practices and knowledge on WASH sector and improving connections and knowledge flow among East Meets West, stakeholders and audiences.
  • Increasing the participation of local change agents in the knowledge and learning process.
  • Providing knowledge and learning products (e.g. toolkits, actionable findings from East Meets West’s researches/ studies, operational manuals, etc.) that can support WASH practitioners in their work.
  • Fostering innovation and experimentation through adaptive learning approaches that facilitate rapid feedback, iteration, and adaptation.
  • Promoting knowledge sharing not only within country programs, but among country programs, and increasing contributions from our country programs to the global evidence base.