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The story of an old woman

Tran Thi Mai is a 76 year elderly single poor women in Trung Nghia village, Thach Bang town. For many years because of economic difficulties, she has not been able to connect clean water (the connection cost is up to 2,500,000 VND), so she has to ask for clean water from neighbors for daily use . However, her age is old and weak, so it is very difficult for her to  bring water from neighbors.

One day, Ms. Mai  was invited by a WU member in Trung Nghia village to share information and advocate for water connection in the WOBA project. With the attention of the local government, and financial support from the village (300,000VND), this old woman had opportinity to  conecte to the Loc Ha water scheme and she has clean water for daily activities.

Ms. Vo Thi Thu, chairwoman of the Women’s Union in Trung Nghia village, a project collaborator, said that:

“Mrs. Mai’s household is one of the most disadvantaged households in the village. Since then, due to difficult conditions, she has not been able to connect clean water for use. Thanks to the WOBA project, which has taken care of disadvantaged households like Mrs. Mai. From now, she has clean water to use, saving her troubles and dangers every time she asks for water from neighbors.

We are thankful WOBA project and donor interest in disadvantaged households in the village so that they are used to clean water and to ensure health and everyday activities.”

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