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Internal meeting and training in Thanh Hoa and Ha Tinh in March 2022

To address challenges and inequities in Vietnam’s rural water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector, East Meets West Foundation (EMWF) has carried out many capacity building activities for enterprises and agricultural water supply units to help disadvantaged groups, especially for people with disabilities access to clean water, sanitation, health enhancement and community integration.

On March 09 and 11, EMWF coordinated with the consultant to organize internal meetings and trainings on “Guidelines for building the climate resilient water safety plans” for water schemes  in Thanh Hoa and Ha Tinh provinces. Through this activity, participants understand the basic principles, methods of developing and implementing a climate resilience water safety plan according to the guidelines from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and World Heath Organization, thereby updating the manual for each scheme.

These meetings and trainings are under the framework of the Women-Led Output Based (WOBA) project, financed by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade through Water for Women Fund and implemented by EMWF.

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