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Life-cycle cost approach for sustainable private piped water service delivery: a study in rural Vietnam

Little has been documented on costs associated with sustainable rural water services in Viet Nam​. Better understanding of costs would help government (e.g. policies, regulation), private enterprises (e.g. tariffs, business planning) and civil society organisations (e.g. support mechanisms). ​

This research, conducted in 2 phases, aims to review a sample of private water enterprises to collect detailed information on their full life-cycle costs to assess their cost structures. The overall purpose of the study is to provide stakeholders, including the Government of Vietnam at central, provincial and commune levels, NGOs and donors, water supply entities and enterprises, a better understanding of the costs and revenues of piped water systems of various sizes managed by different entities (community, small enterprises and enterprise) over time. It is envisaged the results could further support government agencies to develop evidence-based policies, regulations and incentive structures, support private enterprises in business planning and structuring connection fees and tariffs, and support CSOs through targeted and informed support mechanisms.​

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